Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Jack's Family Tavern, in Millersville. A quick review....

Yesterday, feeling peevish and peckish, I just wanted OUT of the house.  I'm recovering from surgery, and this sitting around really does SU...... well...... I'm not enjoying it much. Himself is bored and his pain is enough under control that he is cranky about it. He has taken to yelling at clouds and shaking his cane at them.😜

So, Herself and I packed my busted bits up and headed into Millersville to give Jack's Tavern a try.  I mean... what could go wrong?   Cold beer on a stupid hot day.  That HAD to be good.

And it was.

Me being a gimp at the moment, we took a table instead of a seat at the bar. I almost always prefer a table to a bar, I am short and my legs dangle.   Lucky we were, as the place began filling up soon after we were seated (around 5ish). This is after Himself made a crack about eating with the elderly crowd. Out loud, in public... the elderly couple who sat across from us, did not find him amusing.

I'd been craving a Yuengling Lager, and they were on the spot with a cold glass of Yuengling from the tap.  You know how it is when you just.... crave.... something?  So yeah, that first glass went empty pretty quickly. 

Herself had some Foofy Pina Colada thing, and then some Foofy Orange Creme thing.  Ugh. They were hardly "foofy". I had a pina colada (cue the singing! You're welcome!) and an orange creamsicle adult beverage. They are icy cold, sweet, and tasty on a hot day!

The foods?  We started with a plate of loaded fries.  They lugged over this tray full of fries, smothered in cheese sauce and enough bacon to explain a local pig shortage.   It, all alone, was a meal for two.  Nothing crazy special, except in portion, it was good solid Pub Food.  Exactly what a few people would want after a long beer session. What does makes Jack's fries special, is that they are house cut fries! That is something that really goes a long way in terms of flavor.

Next up, Herself just had to try the 'Jackalope Eggs'.  Three hard boiled eggs, rolled in crumbs, deep fried, and tossed with hot sauce.   Did I mention Jack's is in a college town?  Yeah..... these things are sheer beer drinking frat-pack crack.   To me, meh.  I'd only had that one beer so far.  To herself..... she can describe what she thought.  She finished them. He does not like scotch eggs either! Heathen! The eggs come as either a single, or a nest (3 eggs). They were rolled in hot sauce, that had a perfect amount of spice and I had them with bleu cheese dressing. They are a great bar food treat in my opinion.

We both ordered burgers, seeing how they are hand made and looked bloody good, going past on trays headed to other tables.  I had the 'Malibu', which entailed a half pound of house ground beef and all the usual fixings.  Cheese, bacon, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and mayo.
I had the Jack's burger with onions, mushrooms, and it would normally come with American cheese. I asked for Swiss and PepperJack instead. This is an excellent burger. I later found out (directly from the message Jack's restaurant sent me on FB) that they have been grinding their own meat there daily for 35 years.  I added mayo to mine, and honestly it was so moist and delicious I could have eaten it without. Next time I will ask for it without a bun, as it just didn't need it, and it was messy enough that I had to use a knife and a fork!

Color me pleased.  I like a good burger, and Jack's is worth every penny.  I WILL be having this again.

Easy to get to, lot's of parking, friendly staff, and food that hit the mark.  Yup, we will be back. It is so rare to find a genuine "diamond in the rough". I can't believe we lived here for so long without trying this gem! 

So how Jack's Family Tavern, Millersville fork up: 

4.5 Forks for flavor.
3.8 Forks for atmosphere. (It is a little on the dark side, and the decor is dated. Part of it's charm is in that history)
4.75  Forks for location. (Easy to find & loads of parking)
4.95 Forks for your value.
4.85 Forks for service. 
4.57 Total Forks Given

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  1. I love this place too! My husband and I would use the excuse that our son went to millersville university...which is true but he only went for one semester and that was 5 years ago and we still like going to jacks every chance we get! Why would we trek 25 miles from home to eat you ask? Cause the food is amazing and we love the cozy atmosphere inside and the prices are great!


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