Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Savory Gourmet, in Lititz...

Lititz has been renaissance-ing itself for years now.  At one time the best thing they had going for them was a small town feel with a neat little chocolate company in the middle of town.

Now, they have become a destination town, with a days worth of shopping and restaurants all within walking distance of the town center.  Small unique shops and interesting non-chain eateries, with a very nice (Pokemon laden (YES!) park and some beautiful old homes.  The General Sutter Inn on the main square has fine dining, upscale patios with bar and dinner service, and a hella cool classic British pub with all the traditional pub fare.

Our first time dining at the Sutter, we ordered a cheese tray.  The flavors were so impressive, we badgered our waitress into revealing their source.  It happened to be just a block or two away.... The Savory Gourmet at 53 N. Broad Street.

Recently we made a trip to Lititz with the intention of visiting this little cheese shop, only to find it's really so much more.  Very tasty and unusual cheeses, true, but also exotic meats and gourmet comestibles. They also have weird, and wild choices like crickets, scorpions, and tarantulas served in a few interesting ways.

The owners (Bill and Missy McMahon) work the counter themselves, and really throw themselves into what they do.

They are also borderline evil. (LOL. They really aren't! Himself is just being dramatic)

'Lemme 'Splain.....

You see, they give free samples of their cheeses.  Like drug dealers.... "Psst..... hey Buddy...... Wanna have a free taste?"  Then, while you stand there melting in happiness as the flavor explodes in your mouth.... they push yet another 'free sample' across the counter to you.  Before you know it.... you Have To Have All The Cheeses!!!

Their knowledge is extensive.  They know their products, and they know their customers.  Trying to build a get-together and want to impress?  They'll be there with guidance.  Need something to
remind you why life is worth living? A special treat for an intimate dinner?  Just the right pairing for a great wine?  Yup.... just ask them.  Not just the cheese, but other special offerings as well.  Truly exceptional olive oil (from their family's estate in Italy. They are the only seller in the US and it is really spectacular!)..... spectacular fruit jams.... unusual marinades and sauces..... yeah, they got that.

The cool thing about Bill and Missy is that they are foodies too! But much like us, they are not weird or snobby about it.  They get excited about your reactions to their great wares. They want to share their knowledge and enjoyment in simple pleasures with their customer's. I am thrilled they are going to put in tasting tables, because it is the kind of place I would love to sit and chat about food, cheese, and wine. 

We managed to escape with only 5 outstanding cheeses, spending just $26.    A very good value, to my mind, as every one of those cheeses is an experience in itself.  Like..... a plate with a small round of cheese, some suitable crackers, and a little knife.  Warmed to room temperature, and shared with guests as a special treat.  The Gorgonzola..... oh man.... I can't wait to grill some steaks and top them with crumbles of that amazing rich cheese. 

Today we shared the Horseradish Cheddar with family.  Warmed in the sun, and dabbed onto soda crackers.... it was stunningly good.

If you have a hankering for some of the finer ways to impress your palate, make the trip to Lititz and stop in at The Savory Gourmet.  Just remember.... keep your wits about when they start waving samples at you!

(Update)  The Savory Gourmet is now open seven days a week.

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  1. Great review and a wonderful store. I love that Il Truffelino cheese melted on baked potatoes! Glad you enjoyed the visit to Lititz.


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